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Soul Bros. Live SpecialHighlights from "Kölle Alarm 2014" Carneval Event for the Youths in Cologne / Germany with Soul Bros. live on Stage

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Dante Thomas ("Miss California") is back!

Für seine erste Single "Miss California" erhielt Dante Thomas weltweit Gold- und Platinauszeichnungen - jetzt ist Dante Thomas mit neuem Album "Hardcore On Videotape" zurück! Seine aktuelle Single "Damage Is Done" wird am 29. Juli 2011 veröffentlicht.

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GEMA members meeting 2011

GEMA's annual meeting has come to Munich this year! A wonderful opportunity to share knowledge and to meet successful producers, artists and composers. See the report featuring the GEMA headquarters in Munich, annual members meeting at the Westin Grand Hotel Munich and the party at Park Cafe Munich! https://de.yomeco.de/profile/emw-audio

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